• Online Workshop:

    How to Lovingly Handle Conflict in a Relationship

    "Problems in relationship occur because each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person." - Wayne Dyer


    "If your love for another person doesn't include loving yourself, then your love is incomplete." - Shannon L. Alder


    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

  • Online Conscious Relationship Workshop

    27 MARCH 2022

    More Peace in the World Starts With Each of Us Creating More Peace Around Us. Reset Your Ability For Heart-Centered Communication in Your Relationships.

    Are Your Traumas and Triggers Ruling Your Relationships?

    • Are you having a trouble communicating with your loved ones without ending up fighting or not talking to each other?

    • Do you find being in a relationship is super hard or not for you?

    • Is sex triggering?

    • Is your partner sometimes driving you crazy and you don't know how to express it in healthy way?

    • Are you feeling triggered by your partner, coworker or family member and you don't understand why?

    • Were you wondering sometimes what's all the cause of these triggers?

    We will discuss why relationship triggers are so intense and how to handle them and transform them from relationship killers into relationship builders.

    Is Conflict Making Your Relationship Harder or Worse?

    • Do you know how to manage your emotions in healthy way when you are interacting with your partner, coworker, family member or friend?

    • Are you avoiding conflict at all cost by pleasing others and not honoring your boundaries or needs?

    • Are you scared of a conflict itself?

    • Do you know how to resolve a conflict with a heart-centered approach?

    • Do you know how to hold the frequency of peace not matter what else you are also feeling?

    We will discuss what to do in the middle of conflict, when it is most difficult, to infuse the interaction with presence and love, transforming conflict from a problem into a healing. Mmm, nice.

  • My 5 sessions with Katka were totally worth it. Katka knows how to feel into a person deeply and magically and in addition she provides deep insights that resonate with something deep inside me. She can strum the strings in me which are tight. It was often pretty uncomfortable for me - to go back to my childhood, to get angry, scream, write letters, talk to my inner child but I feel it was needed and this is the way out to get through."

    - Tomáš R., Vedic Center Owner

    "I was worried to spend money on coaching, but after doing the work with David I feel this was the best money I ever spent. I really appreciated that he taught me tools that I can use on my own, supporting me through identifying the roots of negative emotions, and I had a breakthrough when he helped me shift emotions that I previously thought impossible, i.e. anger, fear, self-doubt."

    - Ivaylo G., Workshop Facilitator

  • We Get You. We Feel You. We Know.

    Here's a little story of how we got here.

    Me and my partner David were already spiritual explorers helping people heal their emotions before we met. So when we got together over 3 years ago we knew we had to put all our tools to the test on ourselves. We didn't want our traumas to rule our relationship communication. David already had been divorced, and I wanted deep connection. We both wanted a relationship at the highest level of consciousness and love available. We wanted to experience something neither of us had experienced before.


    It was not easy at all. Relationships pull our our deepest, darkest, most sensitive wounds. It takes all our skill to stay in a place of love when our most tender places feel shamed and under attack. This is something we want you to understand: the conflict is normal. The triggers are normal. That's part of what relationships are for. To help you heal!


    David and I have practiced on ourselves, uncovering and helping each other heal our deepest relationship wounds that impact how we speak, act, and even our sex life. Each one of our "fights" actually reveals our healing and deepens our capacity for love. Our friends and clients have been asking us to explain how it works. Now we are. We are going to share with you the most important and direct information we have learned applying high consciousness communication with each other for 3 years. It will absolutely change your relationships.

  • "Before the series of therapy sessions, I was struggling with sporadic emotional outbursts, and not being able to process my emotions. Also feeling depressed and helpless because of this. Things are definitely better now, and life is of a higher quality. I feel better about myself. I still have the episodes from time to time, but I feel they happen less often, with less intensity, and a quicker recovery time. Also, it is much easier now to talk to my partner about what is going on with me, and this helps to diffuse what used to be tense situations."

    - John R., IT Consulting

    "David saved my life. These last few weeks have been some of the most emotionally turbulent and downright STRANGE that I've ever experienced. All kinds of fears came to the surface, and deep emotions of sadness, loss, confusion and anger coming out. And it would have been 100x times harder if it wasn't for the loving kindness, genius, and generosity of this dude! He taught me what to do to move through emotion and get to Peace.​"

    - Chris H., Organizational Consultant

  • What You Will Learn In This Workshop:

    This Workshop Includes:

    1. Theory and exercises that will change how you respond to yourself and your loved ones

    2. How to express your feelings and needs safely in a relationship

    3. How to work with anger during a fight

    4. How to solve conflict in a way that deepens a relationship

    5. How to communicate about unpleasant feelings in a relationship and integrate them together

    6. Step-by-step guidance for what to do when one person or both people in a relationship are triggered

    7. How to transform every relationship into an unconditionally loving one which is total life changer because LIFE IS A RELATIONSHIP, we can't stop relating to something or someone.

    8. Feeling safe to express authentically in a relationship

    9. How to bring more PEACE into the relationship

    You will get a recording of the workshop afterward.


    Your Workshop Facilitators:

    Katerina Bendova and her partner David Papa


    Kateřina Bendová is a Reiki Master, emotional and body therapist, Shadow Worker, who has worked with hundreds of clients, couples and individuals, bringing them back to their true, free, self-loving selves.


    David Papa is 22 years into his intentional spiritual path, focusing on freedom through emotional processing and coaching hundreds of people since 2013. He is certified in Havening, a trauma release and emotional healing technique for individuals and groups.


    Katerina and David apply their knowledge every day in their relationship, and they will offer real examples of facing and dealing with big triggers and intense conflict in a way that creates more love.

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  • "I was feeling a little depressed, often felt angry and upset with my mother. I had a feeling of pressure on my chest, constantly. Initially working with Katka, it was a wonderful feeling for my chest to open up and I could take deep breaths, which I couldn't take for a long time! A lot has changed because I put in a lot of work with trying to forgive my mother, and after years and years of trying, this week I finally was able to truly forgive her."

    - Lily E.

    "David, Your in-person sessions have been f***ing incredible! Thank you for them. One of your sessions opened my throat and I was able to speak differently at work, and another session opened me up to a new opportunity that brought me to LA."

    - Eric C., Author