• Weekly Resets


    "Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off one's being but by integration of the contraries."

    - Carl Jung

  • April

    Week 2

    To restore your balance between Giving and Receiving play this track as many times as you need. Let the sound to go where it's needed. Open to it and let it work its magic. Be present what's going in your mind and body. Feel all the emotions. Just observe it. Please don't listen to the track while you are driving. Drink a lot of water. It will help you to cleanse your body physically and support yourself even more.

    Week 3

    This is Unconditional Love Meditation. It might help you to reconnect with this healing high vibe energy within yourself. Basically unconditional love is our divine essence. 

    There is singing and sound of crystal bowls at the begining followed with the meditation. Please repeat this meditation as many times as you need even everyday would be great. You'll be connecting to your Divinity to your Soul. Everything is created from there. Enjoy:)

    Week 4

    This is Peace Meditation was created to help you connect with the Peace within trough self observation and a breathing technique. It was recorded during rain to bring more harmony and hypnotic feeling. If your mind wonders during the meditation, just notice it without any judgment and bring it back. Have a fun:)