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As a Reiki Master and an Emotional Healing Therapist I come across this topic a lot. People and my clients are mostly scared of being sensitive. They imagine that being sensitive means lots of crying and having intense emotions and not knowing what to do with them. They imagine that their beloved or coworkers or friends will find them weird, "too sensitive", not normal, not quite fitting in our society which is all about "please fit in this box", in this mold called - be productive, behave well, don't be emotional, just rational, better to be like a robot. 

It's natural that we are scared to be sensitive. We were raised and programmed like that by our society and our families who naturally wanted to protect us into having a good life. But there wrong with being sensitive. Being sensitive in my opinion is natural and also the way we discover who we really are. What is it sensitivity? 

And this is my path and joy to bring you back to your Real Self or to your Natural Self to help you remember that you are sensitive. You are full of life. And yes life is full of contrast: love and fear, joy and sadness, life and death, warmth and cold etc. One wouldn't exist without the other. It is impossible. Let's feel all of it together and yes we will feel more sadness but as well more joy and ecstasy. Ultimately, when we are sensitive enough, we will feel who we really are. We will be free.

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