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I purchased amazing, super-healing, high-vibe but expensive crystal bowls this year. Some people would say: Are you crazy? Buying it right now? When inflation is more than 10%, prices are going up, gas price is sky rocketing, war is happening, there is a lot of fear and uncertainity. Logical action would be to save up money and wait what the future brings and be ready for the worst. But I just felt in love with them. My joy couldn't fit in my heart when I saw them, heard them and played them, so I went for it. And that's how I make decisions, and when I make decisions like this they always end up enhancing my life. But it was not always like that... 

I used to be scared to make a decision, I was terrified that I will make a mistake. It kept me frozen even for months depending how big decision it was. I could spend all my mental energy thinking what's the best answer and never figured it out. I was in a prison, being locked by fear. When I finally did decide logically and rationally, people and situations around me would show me the exact fears that were holding me. I would hear people say that my choice was a mistake, that what I am choosing is wrong, that disaster will happen. Or my choice would not go as planned and my mind would freak out and I would say this to myself. That made me feel worse and worse, and even more scared to make the next decision, leading to more time being indecisive, feeling exhausted, being stuck and not living my life and beating myself up. It was a kind of loop which I couldn't get out of it. 

Thank goodness the Universe heard my prayers and helped me. Otherwise I would have stayed stuck and never transformed my life. I learned how emotions and emotional processing works. From being numb I started to feel myself again. I felt who I am and what I want and I started to  distinguish what I want want versus what others expect from me. I learned that my mind will never figure out the right decision, it's always scared and wants to save me. Even from future potential danger that doesn't exist and will likely never happen! It wants to play it safe and doesn't like changes. I learned that my soul is speaking to me through frequency of love, joy, play, excitement, gratitude and curiosity and it's trying to guide me through my life through these feeling to my best, most loving, most radiant and expansive version of myself. That's the best information for decisions. 

My soul knows the bigger picture, my mind will never know that, it's too limited. So here I am following my joy, buying crystal bowls, who knows what for, but it my heart sing. My mind wonders, it's scared, but my heart and soul is singing in a bliss and this can only enhance my life. 


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