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I am hearing from my clients very often I want to feel good. They usually come with problems, challenges, something is bothering them or some part of their life is not working and they would like to fix that in order to feel better. It's natural for us to try to avoid pain, no one is usually sadomasochist and would willingly try to experience physical or emotional pain. No animal would do that willingly neither. It's an instinct. To run or fight, to fix all unwanted and transform it into wanted. The desire to tranform and evolve is deeply built within ourselves. 

Our souls came here just for that reason to experience progress and transformation. That's the biggest joy of our souls to whitness and experience tranformation of pain to joy, darkness to light. Soul doesn't care if the transformation will happen through the pain, the most important thing is  that it will happen. Nevertheless when we try to avoid certain unpleasant or painful things, we place resistance on them and they are not changing. It's simple physics. What we resist, it persists. It doesn't matter how much we try to avoid our emotional or physical pain, it will stick to us until we deal with it. No matter if we try to feel better through shopping, watching TV or netflix, gaming, eating sweets, overaeting, over-exercising, having sex, etc, the escape will work only for short time, and soon we will start to feel not good again. This is not healing. This is ignoring the message and opportunity your emotions are giving you.

So is it possible to feel good all the time??? In my opinion it's not. That is not a human experience. What's possible is to change how we respond to our difficult feelings so they cause less pain and suffering and they move faster and easier. What is possible is to make it much easier to handle whatever we feel. How? By dropping our resistance, stopping avoiding, and stopping judging our feelings as good or bad. When we accept our feelings fully, we feel everything as it is, and our emotions will move much faster and more easily, with less pain. Emotions are movement, they don't get stuck by themselves. They are stuck because of resistance and judging them as bad. When we let that go, and accept all we feel without judgement, they will move through us. As they move, they usually reveal something important which was hidden, important lesson or knowledge, or skill that was buried. I call it a hidden treasure. So drop your resistance to feeling, allow yourself to feel everything, and recollect all your treasures. 

"Life is like box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get. " - Forest Gump .

We came here to experience all "negative" and "positive", to taste a life fully and not only partially, to try all the different bonbons. Hopefully one day instead of people saying, I want to feel good, they will say, I want to feel everything as it is.  :)))


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