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This might be a quite triggering and emotional blog post. Nevertheless I decided to write it to step out of my comfort zone to share with you my perspective and you can decide if that resonates or not. 

I am a highly sensitive being, I am an Empath feeling energies, emotions, around me, in me, in other people. When I discovered that there is a war in Ukraine, I had a really hard time, feeling all the hatred, violence, killing one another, separation, sadness, grief, anger, powerlessness, unfairness, shock, confusion, fear, despair. The energy of the planet got a bit darker and I couldn't sleep feeling it. This event took me on a journey of self-healing, deep realizations, healing of my ancestor's line (As I come from Czech Republic and my ancestors experienced world war I, world war II, and the Soviet time) and trying to understand and feel what's going on. 

One day a question popped up during my deep meditation. Considering that we are not victims but we are powerful divine sparks and creators of our reality, how do we a create a war? Especially in the 21th century. I kind of considered that we learned all the lessons through all the wars and insainity happening in the 20th century knowing that violence is not the way to solve conflicts and war is an outdated thing. Diving into this question through processing all my triggers around war, meditating, using relaxing and breathing techniques, and talking to my guides, I came across a few realizations. 

Collective energy and consciousness is created by each and every one of us. Your energy and your consciousness is contributing to a collective creation. If we a created a war full of unresolved conflicts, fears, powerlessness, and violence that means that people individually are carrying these aspects in themselves. Everyone has a lot of internal and external conflicts which we don't know how to resolve in a loving and peaceful way. All these conflicts multiply and suprise, suprise, there is a war within the collective. 

I felt very light discovering that. That means if every individual on the planet knew how to resolve internal and external conflicts (for example, in relationships) lovingly, peacefully, without using a violence, knowing that all their needs will be safely met and they don't have to use a violence to get them met, there would be probably less wars or maybe none. The world would be a peacefull and loving place. 

Nevertheless the war exists, and as it exists, there must be benefits for us. We are divine sparks and powerful beings that never create events randomly, there is always a purpose and benefit to it. What do you think? Even though war seems so horrible and creates suffering, is it possible that there are big-picture benefits to creating a war? Is it possible that this is revealing to us something we need to see so that we can resolve it and finally create peace?

 I will leave you with that to contemplate it. Don't forget. We are the CREATORS. It's in our hands. Resolve your conflicts  and BE the PEACE. That's how we create a peaceful world:)