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Is fear our ultimate power?

Everyone has been experiencing it lately. It´s all around us. Someone feels it more someone feels it less. It manifests itself in different ways. It takes different shapes. It goes into your mind under your skin and if you let it, it can even penetrate your heart. The heartbeat and pulses are raising. Adrenalin is secreted from your adrenal glands. The digestion is shut down and your immune system is decreased. The blood is pumped into your extremities to run away or to protect yourself by fighting. That´s all is happening when your body gets into the flight or fight mode.

Yes, I am talking about FEAR. It´s been here with us since the ages but nevertheless, we don´t know how to cope with it and we don´t sometimes even realize that we are scared.

Fear is counted as a negative emotion but is it really so? Why does it even exist if it´s so bad? Fear has saved many lifes back in time when we were escaping from a wild animal and saving our live. It was an instinct of self preservation or survival which served us very well. But do we always experience in now modern times life threatening situations when we are scared? Most probably not. But our bodies still create the same reaction which is very stressful for the whole system. So why does the fear exist? Just to harm us? What if there is an unseen benefit of fear which we can´t perceive? What if the fear serves in some way?

Let´s analyze this hypothesis. When we are scared we are usually not in the present moment. When you are in present moment, everything is fine but we think of a situation which may happen in the future and we are scared of it. Why are we scared of this fantasy because we might have experienced something similarly painful in the past and our mind is reminding us of this wound. We often create worse case scenarios in our mind to make us prepared for it because our whole system is saying we were not saved back in time and we don´t want to experience it again that´s why we create this "potential" realities in our mind to show us that there is an unhealed unintegrated wound which feels so unsafe to be reexperienced.

As you can see fear brings always valuable information about where we are emotionally and mentally. We are not in a present moment, we are wandering through past or future and being scared of emotions and situations that caused us lot of pain which we haven´t processed.

Once you heal your wounds, the fear will be integrated, you might see a new reality that you didn´t have any idea before. You expand your consciousness. You will be free.

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